Home bathrooms are beginning to rival those that were once found only in luxury hotels. More and more people are viewing the bathroom as a haven in their home and have started 2012 out with bathroom remodeling in order to add the amenities to soothe and pamper themselves after a hard day at work. Let’s look at a few of the luxury items—some commonly found in other rooms of the home—that are making their way into bathrooms. Here are the fixtures and trends that we saw in 2011 that are carrying over to 2012.

Luxury Bathroom Fixtures:

  1. Whirlpool tubs and steam showers: People have found that one of the best ways to unwind is extending your daily bath or shower time. We saw a boost in the number of bathtub and shower fixtures purchased in 2011.
  2. Artistic glass vessel sinks: Choosing a bowl or rectangular shape and adding a luxury waterfall faucet turns your bathroom sink into a elegant spa retreat. Available in a wide palette of colors, the sink can either match what is already in your bathroom, or you can choose your interior painting color scheme around the new beautiful sink.
  3. Wood cabinets: Medicine cabinets and traditional vanities are being edged out by solid wood cabinets and pendant lighting. These fixtures have normally been found in kitchens or living rooms, but are just as much at home in the bath. And, believe it or not, it’s not unusual to find mini-refrigerators and cappuccino makers installed directly into the cabinetry for the ultimate pampering experience.
  4. Stone flooring: Natural stones and unique tiles replace old bland flooring and accent the décor in any bathroom.  Natural stones will give you a nature-meets-spa feel and tiles are becoming more and more popular because of the ability to
    mix and match colors and patterns to create a one-of-a-kind look.
  5. Audio-visual equipment: Long a staple of the family room, audio-visual equipment is also migrating into bathrooms. Gone are the days of singing in the shower to a little transistor radio. Instead, relax in your tub while you listen to Mozart. You could also watch the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother or catch up on sports highlights with a home theater system, complete with plasma TV. TVs can be ingeniously hidden away in a vanity or installed in a mirror-like enclosure.

Luxury bathrooms are no longer just the realm of 5-star hotels. Making a few changes in your own bathroom can make everyday feel like a day at the spa. Contact MasterWorks Painters in Virginia for all of your painting, bathroom remodeling and home improvement needs. Call us at (703)263-3302 today!