What to Look For When Choosing Exterior Paint for Your Home

Are you looking to change the color of your Oakton area home? Maybe you’d like to upgrade your house, not simply by changing the color, but also by improving its overall quality. The experts at MasterWorks Painters have years of experience in residential painting and can help when it’s time to choose exterior paint for your home. We recommend looking for these qualities when finalizing your home’s next color. When you see the final results, you’ll be glad you spent … Continued

Painting A Home Office

Have you ever noticed how the color of a room makes you feel when you walk in? For example, when you walk into a spa, painted in earth tones and relaxing blues, you feel calm and relaxed. When you walk into a gym with bright loud painted walls, you feel energized. A lot of the sensations you experience when entering a space can come from the colors that have been chosen and how those colors affect us.

Use Warm Colors to Create Positive Energy

Artists and interior designers have long used colors to manipulate the mood of their viewers. Understanding basic principles of color psychology can help to create interior rooms to suit the mood you want in your home. On the color wheel, warm colors range from fuchsia to bright yellows and include everything in between. These colors stimulate energy, joy, happiness, and enthusiasm. Read on for possible color schemes to consider for your next home improvement project.

Interior Painting Estimates

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H-mYWIwvdU] For an average size room (12×12) painting the walls with 2 coats, to change color, with premium paint included, you should expect to pay between $275 and $350 per room.  For an estimate on your painting needs contact [email protected] or call 703-263-3302.