Artists and interior designers have long used colors to manipulate the mood of their viewers. Understanding basic principles of color psychology can help to create interior rooms to suit the mood you want in your home. On the color wheel, warm colors range from fuchsia to bright yellows and include everything in between. These colors stimulate energy, joy, happiness, and enthusiasm. Read on for possible color schemes to consider for your next home improvement project.

Use Warm Colors in Every Room

  • For the Sun Room: Pair vibrant reds and yellows with neutrals. If you have bright furniture use a neutral wall color. For example, you stumble across a sunshine yellow set of couches and chairs that you love. When grouping such bright colors of furniture together, one way to prevent the room from becoming overwhelming is to paint the walls a darker neutral shade, such as gray. Stick to the neutral color for the base flooring as well, but then you can add a colorful throw rug and accessories to complete the style.
  • For the Living Room: If you thrive on bold colors, you’ll love a tangerine and fuchsia combination for the living room space.  Use a neutral color such as brown for large furniture pieces. This allows you more freedom with color in the accessories. Throw down a pink or orange area rug and add artistic accents of vases and wall art. Bold throw pillows are sure to pop against the quiet furniture. Window dressings are also a subtle way that directly affects the mood of inhabitants. The vibrant accents throughout the room encourage optimistic energy circulation and lively conversation.
  • For the Kitchen: For the kitchen use a color scheme that portrays a homey and familiar sensation. Paint the walls the butterscotch yellow. Use an orange-red color for window treatments, chair cushions and pillows. Brown table, chairs, and cabinets give this room a country French feel (see the example in Better Home and Gardens).
  • For the Bedroom: Everyone knows red is the color of romance. Using a red, white, brown combination adds a modern twist to the idea of fairytale lust in your bedroom. Paint the wall the bed will be up against red, use this same color for the sheets and dresser also. Paint the remaining walls, door frames, window panes and bed frame white. Brown can be used for throw pillows and blanket, also as the top color on your dresser.

These warm color combinations can be interchanged in the house to manipulate the mood you wish the room to portray. Experiment with color and painting techniques to find the right combination for you. If you’re afraid to commit, purchase the color you’re considering in a sample size (some manufacturers carry these for just a few dollars) and have your interior design painter test the color out in the room before purchasing a gallon. Let that new warm color trigger positive energy as well as joy happiness and enthusiasm throughout the home. Contact MasterWorks Painter in Virginia for all of your painting, home remodeling and home improvement needs. Call us at (703) 263-3302 today!