Have you ever noticed how the color of a room makes you feel when you walk in? For example, when you walk into a spa, painted in earth tones and relaxing blues, you feel calm and relaxed. When you walk into a gym with bright loud painted walls, you feel energized. A lot of the sensations you experience when entering a space can come from the colors that have been chosen and how those colors affect us.

If your home office or study space has you feeling less than productive, why not take some cues from color researchers to spruce things up and boost your creativity, energy and productivity. If you’re not sure which of the following colors can benefit the space, contact your local painter. They will be able to create a combination that works well together and to your advantage.

Paint Colors & Meanings


The color red is often seen as aggressive but it also raises energy and excitement, which can be good to motivate you throughout the workday. Red is typically a good accent color and is best used in smaller doses.


Warm colors like orange range evokes a sense of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. It can also stimulate collaboration, socialization, and teamwork. You will probably find that painting all your walls a bright orange is too much, but you could use pops of the color around the room such as in patterned drapes, or throw pillows or in the art on the wall. Although, pale orange and terracotta, both make great paint color options.


Bright yellow is not recommended as a color for a workspace, because it tends to be over-stimulating and people often feel frustrated when surrounded by it. Pale yellow, however, can stimulate creativity and clear thinking.


Blue is a color you have to be careful with when painting a home office. Blue-green hues are calming and stimulate creativity. Light blue helps you stay calm, focused, and productive and conveys a cool sense of professionalism. However, stay away from bright blue and turquoise, which creates an environment that is difficult to stay focused and productive in.


Although we may not think of brown as a creative color, it does give a sense of comfort, security, and credibility; great attributes if you are bringing clients into your office.

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