Possible Results of Neglected Ceiling Leak Repair

Have you found yourself with a ceiling or attic leak? If so, fixing it should be a major priority. This is not one of those “repair it when you can afford it” type situations—it should be handled immediately. By not taking care of a ceiling or attic leak, you’re putting your home at serious risk for further damage. At MasterWorks Painters, we’ve dealt with our share of ceiling and attic leaks, and they’re very serious. These leaks can cause a … Continued

A Splash of Warm Color

Many rooms in the home can benefit from a warm color scheme.  Warm colors in the yellow, orange, and red families can make a room feel more inviting, as well as add brightness to your space.  Reflecting summer’s sunshine and adding cheer to winter’s bleaker landscape, warm colors are appropriate year-round.  Next time you plan a home improvement project, consider adding a warm palette to your home.