Have you found yourself with a ceiling or attic leak? If so, fixing it should be a major priority. This is not one of those “repair it when you can afford it” type situations—it should be handled immediately. By not taking care of a ceiling or attic leak, you’re putting your home at serious risk for further damage. At MasterWorks Painters, we’ve dealt with our share of ceiling and attic leaks, and they’re very serious. These leaks can cause a lot more damage to your home than you’d think, from the attic to the very foundation of your home.

A ceiling or attic leak can happen due to several factors, including weather damage, outdated shingles, a roof that was incorrectly installed, or a general lack of upkeep.

Unfortunately, many people notice a ceiling leak and think that if they simply patch it up, things will be okay. However, it’s extremely important to locate the source of the leak first, and go from there. If you don’t find the leak source, you’re putting your home in danger.

Here are some problems that a ceiling or attic leak can cause:

Attic and Structure Damage

Water is very bad for your home’s wood structure. Water can cause wood to deteriorate and rot, compromising the structural safety of the entire attic. A leak in the attic can also hurt any items you have stored there.

Ceiling Leak DamageCeiling Damage

Water can damage ceilings by discoloring them or by making the plaster bubble or expand. If it’s a particularly bad leak, this discoloration or bubbling may also have spread to the walls and could be a possible threat to your lighting fixtures or ceiling fans.

Mold Damage

Moisture from any leak in your home can cause mold growth. This is another main reason why it’s so important to fix a ceiling or attic immediately. The longer the moisture exists in your home, the higher the risk of it growing and spreading. If it gets into your HVAC system, the mold can spread throughout the air and settle into your carpet, clothing, and furniture—and this can result in all kinds of health issues!

Risk of Fire

If you have any wiring around your ceiling or attic and there’s a leak going on, the combination of water and wiring is very dangerous. If there is wiring around your leak, turn off the electricity immediately and ask a professional electrician to come examine the area for any problems—then repair your leak!

There are several home repairs that can be put off for awhile, but a ceiling leak is definitely not one of them. At MasterWorks Painters, we will work hard to repair leak damage for you. We are roof repair professionals proudly serving Fairfax, Vienna, Oakton, Ashburn, and the surrounding areas of Virginia. If you need roof repairs, please feel free to contact us at (703) 263-3302 today.