Unfortunately in most homes one of the more frequently used rooms, is also the most neglected. We are talking about your family’s laundry room. Laundry rooms are often located in the basement, and many times in a part of the basement that is not finished. They can be dusty, cluttery, spidery spaces. Making an effort to transform this area into a clean, efficient space will make the time you do spend there, which is on average of six hours per week, a lot more pleasant!

Laundry Room Transformation Steps:

  1. Cleaning. You should start out by emptying your laundry room of its contents, except the washer and dryer. Even though you do not remove the washer and dryer do not forget to clean in between and behind them. Gather your vacuum and duster and get to work. Not only should you wash and vacuum the floor, walls and cabinets, you should also clean the machines themselves. Do not forget to empty the lint traps.
  2. Painting. Since the room is now empty and dusted this would be the best time to paint it. Using bright colors like yellow will brighten this often dim room right up. Bright colors also give the feel of a more open space which is nice if your laundry room is small and congested. If you are planning a basement finishing project this is the perfect time to improve your laundry room as well. Talk to your home improvement contractor for more ideas on your laundry room’s painting options, as well as flooring.
  3. Organize. Now it’s time to consider how you will organize and lay out your space. After the painting and flooring is finished consider your storage options. Decide what shelves, wall cabinets or a small closet will function best for your home. They can assist you in installing and hanging these. Also decide where you would like to keep your iron and ironing board. If you have the space, it ‘s helpful to have a hanging rack for clothes you hang up directly out of the dryer and a drying rack for any “lay flat to dry” items.

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