commercial painting color optionsThe minute your customers come into your Virginia business, they get an impression about who you are and what you’re selling. The paint color of your walls can speak volumes to your customers or clients, so when considering commercial painting, you want to be very selective in what colors you choose.

We at MasterWorks Painters ran across a cool article called “The Meanings of Colors” from Color Matters, and we wanted to share some of its findings with Virginia business owners. Find out what your walls might be saying about you.


Red is intense! Many people associate red with passion, danger, anger, and love. A bold color, many countries or states include red on their flags or national symbols—perhaps because red is associated as a powerful color. So if you’re planning on painting your interior red, know you’re going with a bold, powerful choice.


Color Matters says that yellow is “the color of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring.” Many things in nature—the sun, flowers, egg yolks, birds—are yellow. However, this color has also been associated with cowardice and sickness.


If you want a paint color that appeals to most people, then painting a wall blue may be a good option. Color Matters points out that “blue is the favorite color of all people.” While different shades of blue can elicit different emotions, in general blue is associated with calm, trust, understanding, cleanliness, and loyalty. The down side of blue is that it can sometimes be linked to “feeling blue” or being sad or depressed.


In recent years, green has expanded in its meaning. While it has been linked to the idea of growth or luck in the past, the more recent emphasis on “going green” has given the color green a whole new meaning. By choosing the paint color green, your Virginia business may be associated with new growth or even luck.

As with any paint color, you can find many different shades that can change the feel of a space. For example, if you take a grass green and tone it down to more of a lime green, you get an entirely different feel.

We at MasterWorks Painters want to help you choose the right paint color to boost your business. With extensive commercial painting experience, we have many additional design ideas for painting your business and leaving the right impression with your customers. Contact us today at (703) 263-3302 to get started.

photo credit: guzzphoto via photopin cc