Everyone knows that different colors affect our minds in different ways. Certain colors can excite, calm, sadden, stimulate, or comfort. This is a subject we at MasterWorks Painters have written about before, but how do these colors affect companies in relation to their specific type of office atmosphere?

Keeping in mind that red affects the body, blue affects the mind, yellow affects self-confidence, and green affects the mind/body/emotions, these psychological impacts may or may not be needed in certain areas of your office.

photo credit: public domain via dbsquaredinc.com

For example, if your company is very pro-teamwork, your office walls should be blue since blue promotes feelings of communication and trust. It also helps employees keep a “cool head” since it’s calming.

And if your company pushes brainstorming, green is a good choice for your wall color because green is harmonizing, balancing, and enhances creativity. Green is also great for spaces with lots of computers.

Red for walls is good for offices where employees work at night because it increases brain wave activity and is generally a stimulating color. It’s also good for offices with a lot of physical activity.

Orange tends to spark enthusiasm and motivation, so it’s good for companies that are high-energy and creative. The same goes for yellow—and yellow has also been proven to be good for self-confidence.

And what paint color should you avoid in your office? Gray. Unless you’re using it for accents only, gray is a no-go for creativity, energy, motivation, and communication. It’s a depressive color which has very little stimulation.


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