Tax season is just upon us, meaning everyone is in a frenzy compiling documents in hopes of receiving the highly coveted tax refund this spring. What can you do to make your tax return stretch for the greatest impact? Consider investing in your home with a home improvement project. The experts at MasterWorks Painting & Remodeling are here to collaborate with you on your project. Let’s get the project started today!

Home Improvement Projects for the Most Bang for Your Buck

PlanningInvest in Your Home with Kitchen Remodeling

Now is the time to start planning to spend your tax return wisely. If you have appropriate savings and minimal-to-no debt, this is your opportunity to spend your refund money. Start by making a list of spending ideas. Consult with your family members and property stakeholders to pinpoint value-added projects.


Homeowners take pride in the way their property looks. Whether you’re hoping to stay in your home for years or you’re planning to sell it, spending your tax return money on home improvement is a great investment. The most bang for your buck is always seen in kitchen remodeling and bath remodeling projects. While most tax returns won’t cover the entire project, it’s a great launching pad serving as a down payment on the project.

Make the Investment in Your Home

Based on regional averages in 2016, homeowners in Virginia can expect to recoup money on home improvement projects. Check out these remodeling costs vs. value statistics for return on investment (ROI):

  • Bathroom remodel costing approximately $16.5K offers 70.4% ROI
  • Minor kitchen remodel costing approximately $18K offers 86.9% ROI
  • Major kitchen remodel costing approximately $55K offers 64% ROI


It’s important to work with professional, reputable contractors to get your job done right and in a timely fashion this spring. Check out online reviews to see who your friends and neighbors are using for their projects. Contact the experts in painting, remodeling, exterior projects, and storm restoration at MasterWorks Painting & Remodeling at (703) 263-3302 to use your tax refund wisely this spring.

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