Your favorite part of the day is dinnertime, posing the ever-exciting question of “what’s for dinner?” As the ultimate entertainer, you take pride in plating a delicious meal for your family and friends. The only thing standing between you and culinary excellence is your tiny, inefficient kitchen. At MasterWorks Painting & Remodeling, we’re calling all foodies to bring their culinary dreams to fruition with our kitchen remodeling services. Now is the time your kitchen will start working for you with the perfect design and layout.

Remodel Your Kitchen to Achieve the Foody Dream

Functional Space for Functional Food

Your end goal is to create a kitchen space that is user-friendly and accessible to decrease wasted steps and effort to maximize the efficiency of the space. Study your kitchen travel patterns and habits to identify your frequent access points. Everything should be accessible in five steps or less in an optimal kitchen layout.

36 Inches of Kitchen Magic

Most of your work is around the sink and the stove. Allow for 36 inches of countertop space on either side of the refrigerator and the stove to afford plenty of space to place baking sheets, platters, and plates.

Harness the Power in the Kitchen

Culinary experts are only as good as their tools. Investing in high-end kitchen appliances and tools will be worth their value in quality and longevity with consistent results during each use. Our advice is to pick high-quality products and brands, but avoid costly additional features to keep your budget in check. Take these items for a test drive before you purchase by visiting your local kitchen showroom.

Maximize Your Dollar to Achieve Your Dreams

A rule of thumb is that the kitchen should be between 5 and 15% of your home’s total value. This is a great benchmark to use when budgeting for your dream kitchen remodeling project. At MasterWorks, our average kitchen remodeling project is between $17K and $30K plus the cost of materials.

If you love food and spend the majority of your time in the kitchen, this investment will pay for itself with each culinary masterpiece! Contact MasterWorks Painting & Remodeling at (703) 263-3302 to bring your culinary dreams into reality by remodeling your home’s kitchen.