In our fast-paced world, a first impression is sometimes the only impression you get the opportunity to make. One typo on your resume could cost you a job, and just one morning of running late could mean you lose a new client. On the other hand, making a good first impression builds trust, confidence, and goodwill.

Given this information, what first impression is your business making? Do your offices look professional and welcoming, or out-of-style and neglected? If they look worse for the wear, it’s time to hire a commercial painter. You might be surprised at how a new coat of paint and fresh color scheme can significantly increase your business’s curb appeal—and your employees’ work environment.

Paint for Your Audience

There are no cut-and-dry “professional” colors that you must use. In fact, much of your color scheme should be determined by what your business does and who your clients are. For example, painting a toy store the same way you would an insurance agency would reap poor results. Similarly, a salon should have different colors and decorating styles than a bank. The most important thing is to use the colors, paint techniques, and detail that (1) promote a professional feel, (2) appeal to your clients, and (3) provide a pleasant work atmosphere for your employees.

The Professional Painters

Whether your offices need some touch-up work or an entirely new coat of paint, MasterWorks Painting & Remodeling is the painter for the job. Our many years of experience allow us to expertly advise our clients about what would look best. In addition to commercial painting, we also do residential painting and home improvement services. We serve Fairfax, Ashburn, Vienna, and the surrounding areas of VA. Contact us today at 703-263-3302 to get a free quote. We look forward to serving you.