Are you thinking of updating the interior color of your home? Do you have an idea of the colors you like but are not sure if they’ll work well with your home’s design? The professionals at Masterworks Painters are residential painters who are specialized in helping homeowners choose the right color and shade of paint for their specific home. We use paint as a tool to minimize your home’s imperfections as well as maximize its strengths. Below are three factors we consider when creating a beautiful color scheme for an inviting living room, warm family room, or a comfortable bedroom.

Find the Perfect Shade of Paint for Your Home's Interior


When choosing paint colors, our team considers the furniture and home accents in the room you would like to update. The paint should highlight your living areas, not overshadow them. We want it to work with your furniture, creating a stylish yet relaxing space.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting affects both the shade and color of the paint on your walls. It can actually make the paint a few shades darker or lighter, depending on the amount of natural light. For rooms with quite a bit of natural lighting, the paint should be a shade or two darker. If you have very little natural lighting, you will want to go a shade or two lighter.

Room Design

Room design and paint color work together to alter the mood and feel of a room. Dark and warm colors are used to make a room look smaller, while light and cool colors are used to make a room look bigger. If you have a large space you’d like to paint, you can be a bit more liberal with the shade and color you are choosing. For smaller rooms, you’ll want to stay away from darker colors.

For your next painting project, call the professional team at Masterworks Painters at (703) 263-3302. While we specialize in residential painting, we also have years of experience with commercial painting and exterior painting services. We proudly serve the Ashburn, Fairfax, Vienna, Oakton, and the surrounding Virginia area.