painting contractor Fairfax VAWhile winter in Fairfax, VA, might not be the right time to take on exterior house painting, it is the perfect time to breathe new life into your home’s interior with a fresh coat of paint. But once you’ve hired the interior painting contractor and chosen the perfect color scheme, what else do you need to do to prepare the room and ensure success?

1. Talk to Your Contractor

First things first. Ask your painter what they include in their service and what they don’t. Discuss things like moving and covering furniture, using drop sheets on the floors, and washing walls. Also, double check to be sure they remove cover plates for light switches and electrical outlets, brackets for window coverings, etc.  It’s better not to take anything for granted so that you can prepare the room yourself if you need to. A true professional will be happy to answer your questions, and being upfront will ensure a good working relationship with your contractor.

2. Clear out the Room

  • Remove as much furniture as possible, and move the rest to the middle of the room. Cover it up if the contractor won’t be doing it.
  • Roll up and move rugs out of the way.
  • Remove window coverings, wall hangings, art pieces, and anything else of value.

3. Wash or Dust the Walls

If the room that’s being painted has particularly dirty or dusty walls, consider washing them a few days before the painters arrive so they have time to dry. Even walls that appear clean will have some dust and could potentially have grease or particles on them.

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