Has it been a while since you’ve updated the interior of your Oakton commercial building? Whether you own a medical clinic, art gallery, preschool center, or restaurant, the commercial painters at MasterWorks Painters can help you choose the right color combinations for your particular property. If you’re stuck for ideas on what colors to use on your walls, doors, and window frames, keep reading to get those creative juices flowing. You may be surprised at the different colors that can actually complement each other and your business.

Customize Your Commercial Interior Space with These 4 Color Palettes

1. Calm & Soothing Shades

Calm and soothing colors are ideal for businesses such as doctor’s offices, medical clinics, therapist offices, and the like. You want your patients and clients to feel comfortable and as stress-free as possible. Creating a relaxing atmosphere with calming shades will aid in helping them feel more at ease.

2. Artsy Colors

Creative businesses, such as salons and spas, art galleries, book stores, and more, can benefit from a more artsy and colorful design. Our commercial painters can talk with you about the type of look you want to create for your creative business and choose a palette that will enhance, and not distract from, your building.

3. Bright Hues

There’s nothing like bright primary colors for places like daycare centers, preschools, elementary schools, and children’s recreational centers. Kids love bright and energetic colors like red, blue, and yellow. Parents like it when they see their child’s school or daycare invest in creating a positive and family-friendly interior space for their children.

4. Bold Tones

We can’t forget about restaurants and diners. Depending on the type of cuisine you serve and the atmosphere you wish to create, many restaurant owners opt for bold tones. This does not mean we’ll create a dark and gloomy space. On the contrary, bold colors like pops of red complemented by light grays, or hints of purple and blue matched with soft yellows, can really make your restaurant shine. 

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