There are many ways to improve the physical aspects of your Fairfax commercial business. Updated lighting, new office furniture, creative art and decor, and, of course, a brand new coat of paint. If your business needs an updated look but is also on a strict budget, a fresh coat of paint can provide immediate results with a minimal investment. While MasterWorks Painters offers commercial painting services for all Fairfax area businesses, we specialize in these four common commercial spaces.

Top-Notch Painting Services for 4 Types of Commercial Spaces


1. Office Buildings

First impressions are important, especially when it comes to your professional business space. Part of placing your best foot forward is making sure you’re providing a pleasant, cheery atmosphere for all who enter. Our designers will help you create a welcoming space for clients as well as a productive setting for employees.

2. Restaurants

As a restaurant owner, you may be looking for a particular color palette for your Fairfax area restaurant. Maybe you’re considering a bold color scheme that will attract new customers. Maybe you want a bright, cheery atmosphere that will enhance your dining space. Whatever you’re seeking, our qualified painting contractors are more than happy to provide you with a fresh, updated space.

3. Retail Stores

As a professional painting service, we make it our business to be well-educated in how color works within specific environments. Retail store spaces are often looking to create either a youthful vibe or a relaxing shopping experience for their customers. Let us help you choose the best colors for both the interior and exterior of your Fairfax area store.

4. Medical Practices

Creating a peaceful, anxiety-free environment for patients is a top priority for your medical practice. If you’re looking for a color palette that is pleasant, comforting, and soothing, we’ll find a color scheme that works best for you, your patients, and your staff.

Commercial Painting Projects

Allow MasterWorks to design a color scheme that will enhance your Fairfax business. Contact us today at (703) 263-3302 to schedule a free estimate. We also provide residential painting, basement finishing, roofing services, and siding installation