Are you planning to remodel your kitchen in the new year? There are many kitchen remodeling companies to choose from that offer their own set of unique advantages. At MasterWorks Painters, not only are our remodeling contractors highly skilled and quite adept at creating a beautiful, yet functional space, we also offer an abundant variety of cabinets, backsplashes, and countertops for you to choose from. Keep reading to learn more about why you should choose MasterWorks for your next kitchen remodeling project.

Why Choose MasterWorks Painters for Your Next Kitchen Update?

Cabinet Selection

At MasterWorks, we work with several vendors that can supply us with a wide range of cabinets, including a variety of styles, colors, and materials. Are you looking for more storage? We can install cabinets that offer organized storage solutions. Would you like a brighter kitchen? We can help you choose a color that complements your home while also providing you with a vibrant cooking space.

Backsplash Choices

A backsplash offers more than an eye-catching design for your kitchen. Its purpose is to protect the walls behind your sink, stove, and counters from water damage or food spills. Our professionals are able to help you choose the right backsplash option for your kitchen and lifestyle. If you do a lot of cooking, you want a backsplash that is easy to clean and maintain. If you want to add color and patterns to your kitchen, we can help you choose from a number of colors, patterns, and textures.

Variety of Countertops

With over 1800 selections of countertops to choose from, you are certainly bound to find a countertop to fit your Ashburn area home. Modern kitchen surfaces offer durability and strength, while also providing an elegant backdrop for your food prep area. Choose from materials like granite, quartz, marble, concrete, soapstone, and many more. We can help you decide which type of countertop best fits your kitchen and your budget.

Call for a Free Estimate Today

Contact our team at (703) 263-3302 for more information about our kitchen remodeling services. If you’re looking for other home improvement solutions, we also offer interior painting services, siding installation, storm restoration, and new window installation in Ashburn, VA, and beyond.