Would you like to update your home but don’t have time for a long-term painting project? Maybe you already love the color of your walls but want to spruce up the interior somehow. MasterWorks Painters recommends painting a few key spaces within your Virginia home to give it that much-needed facelift. Not only will you clean those hard-to-reach areas that often go neglected, but you’ll also give your home a new, fresh, and bright appearance.

Update Your Home with These 3 Small Painting Projects

1. Kitchen Cabinets

Have your kitchen cabinets seen better days? They may be full of scratches and blemishes that you’ve tried to remove, but have had no luck. Painting your kitchen cabinets can greatly improve the look and feel of your kitchen. People will think that you’ve completely replaced your cupboards once you’ve updated them with a new, beautiful color or stain.

2. Interior Trim

Interior trim, such as edging, ornamental molding, or window frames doesn’t get the attention to detail that they deserve. These added extras give your home that unique look that you love. Often, they are also a trap for dust, debris, and lots of dirty fingerprints. With a quick wash and a fresh coat of paint, they can bring brightness back into your living room, dining room, bedrooms, and other living areas.

2. Doors & Doorways

Doors and doorways see a lot of traffic from family members and guests. Maybe you kick the door shut with your foot while you’re hauling groceries in from your car. Perhaps your kids leave their messy fingerprints on the doorways while leaving or entering a room. Giving the interior doors and doorways of your home a new coat of paint can rid the interior of scuff marks, scratches, and fingerprints, once and for all. 

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