There are several unique yet affordable kitchen trends expected to rise in popularity this year. From creative cabinets and colorful backsplashes to bright colors and sustainable materials, MasterWorks Painters can design a kitchen that’s personalized to your particular likes and lifestyle. Consider these budget-friendly kitchen trends when looking to update your Oakton, VA, home. 

Top Kitchen Trends of 2023 (Part 2)

Painted Islands

Almost all newly-renovated kitchens include some type of island. Some are built to provide extra kitchen seating and others are installed to offer additional counter space for prepping and cooking large meals. An affordable way to upgrade your kitchen island is to paint it, specifically the base. This doesn’t require any construction and can instantly elevate your kitchen environment.

Bright Colors & Woods

Being creative with cabinetry is another trend you’ll begin to see. Many homeowners are opting for brightly-hued cabinets and pantries mixed with wood elements. You’ll see colors that are bright, but more muted than their vibrant 2022 counterparts. Many homeowners choose to pair their cabinets with wood elements like decor and drawers.

Wallpaper Backsplashes

There aren’t many who expected wallpaper to make a comeback, but according to the experts, it’s rising in popularity. Adding wallpaper to backsplashes or behind open-wall shelving brings interest and life into your kitchen without the typical higher expenses of other backsplashes like ceramic or stone tile.

Sustainable Materials

Many individuals are embracing the use of sustainable materials in their homes, specifically in their kitchens. Wood, stone, and steel are durable and long-lasting and can be reused and recycled, making your kitchen renovation choices environmentally friendly. 

More Electrical Outlets

If you enjoy cooking or baking, then you know there’s no such thing as too many outlets in a kitchen. With the addition of smart appliances and large kitchen gadgets that make feeding your family easier, extra outlets are a necessity. Many of these outlets are placed in such a way that they are not obvious, like under cabinets, in order to reduce cord clutter and give your countertops a clean, seamless appearance.

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