What started as a simple printing company has now turned into a powerful, cultural force—especially in the fashion and home design industries. In fact many of the colors that you’re wearing or decorating with were likely influenced by Pantone, LLC.

Pantone secretly convenes twice a year in Europe with some of the world’s most inspirational designers and other global leaders in the color industry. Together these fashionistas share their ideas and debate about what colors should be vogue the following year. After they discern the new trends, they artfully unveil the PANTONE® Fashion Color Report during the first day of the New York Fashion Week. Everyone from clothing and website designers to florists pays attention to these colors.

This Year in Color

What are this year’s trends? Use a wide variety of colors that pop. This spring’s palette is full of light—but spunky—shades. Below are just a few:

•    Tender Shoots
•    Lemon Zest
•    African Violet
•    Poppy Red

The fall shades are richer colors with more depth, including Sambra, Vivacious, Carafe, and Mykonos Blue.

Both seasonal palettes include the new color of the year: Emerald (PANTONE® 17-5641). Look around clothing and home improvement stores and you’ll see this stunning jewel tone everywhere. On its website Pantone describes this color as, “Lively. Radiant. Lush…A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance, and harmony.”

If your home could use some balance and harmony, consider painting an accent wall with a gorgeous shade of emerald. For some wall inspiration, check out Country Living’s home palettes—all inspired by the new trendy colors that Pantone released.

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