Welcome to the sixth and final installment of MasterWorks Painting & Remodeling’s series on how to prepare your house for sale. Today we’re going to address improving your property’s curb appeal in order to entice more people to view your home, which we hope will lead to more offers. In the competitive world of real estate, first impressions count!

Major Repairs

Of course, before you start looking at cosmetic upgrades, you’ll want to address anything that requires urgent repair. This could include broken windows, battered siding, damaged gutters, missing shingles, hazardous trees, and more. While these types of repairs or home improvements can be costly, if left in disrepair, a potential buyer’s home inspector will likely uncover the problems. The buyer’s offer will then reflect the cost to repair anyway ─ if they even make an offer.

Cosmetic Curb Appeal

Once all of the major issues have been addressed, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

  • Sweep and power wash the driveway, garage floor, walkways, front steps, and patios.
  • Wash the windows.
  • Scrub the front door, railings, mailbox, and even light fixtures.
  • Replace the mailbox and house numbers, if necessary.
  • Rake, mow, and fertilize the lawn.
  • Trim overgrown hedges, particularly if they obstruct windows.
  • Put away stray tools, toys, lawn furniture, and tacky lawn ornaments.
  • Weed and edge flower beds and gardens.
  • Spread mulch to cover the bare soil around trees and in flowerbeds.
  • Place a couple of nice planters with bright flowers on the front steps.
  • Scrape and paint any peeling trim work.

After you’ve completed the work, go for a drive around the block, and look at your property as though you were out house hunting. Have you missed anything? What would make the house more appealing to you if you were a buyer?

Don’t turn away potential buyers with an unkempt yard or home exterior before they’ve even stepped foot inside. Talk to your home-improvement contractor to dial up the curb appeal. For painting services, interior remodeling, and exterior home improvements in Fairfax, VA, and nearby, contact MasterWorks at (703) 263-3302. We’ll work with you on all of your home-renovation projects.