Even though neutral color schemes such as browns, creams, and muted shades are a growing home improvement trend, don’t be afraid to enhance the tones with a bold statement color, such as red. Using red and other warm colors creates positive energy throughout the home. When you decorate with the right combination of base and accent shades, the color red will definitely add a “wow” factor to any room. Make sure you use the bright color correctly to avoid an overbearing feeling. Here are some ways you can use red in different rooms throughout your home.

Home Remodeling With Shades Of Red

The Living Room

Furniture can be found in just about any color, including cherry red or a warm brick red to complement your fireplace. Or, if you’re up for a DIY home improvement project, rejuvenate a pair of old chairs by reupholstering them in a red patterned fabric. Add some framed artwork containing the same shade of red.

The Kitchen and Dining Room

Painting the walls of your kitchen a strawberry or chili pepper shade of red is a perfect way to perk up the room. Paired with light-colored cabinets, red kitchen walls will pop in all the right places. Accessorize with red hand towels, potholders, a toaster, or vase of red flowers on the counter. Another option is to use bright red tiles as a backsplash. You can then extend the color into your dining room or eating area, and use the color as a way to tie the first-floor rooms together. If you already hired a painter to color your kitchen red, a red dining room may be overwhelming. Consider using a cream color for the walls, with perhaps the same red shade for the dishes and dining room accents.

The Bedroom

Since red speaks the language of love, the bedroom may be the most appropriate room in the house for this color. Floral bedding, candles, pillows, and lampshades are all popular ways to add a sense of romance. But you don’t have to have an explosion of roses to incorporate red into the bedroom. Non-patterned red curtains and bedding with warm-toned wood trim and furniture will keep the design gender neutral, keeping the man of the house happy too.

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