Owning your own little piece of Virginia is a great feeling. Whether the home is completely new or new to you, you are likely thinking about painting the home to fit your style. Before you go buy a few gallons of paint, consider these tips from the pros at MasterWorks Painters of Chantilly, VA.


1. Paint as much as you can before moving in.

It’s no secret that interior painting is much easier and can go faster if you don’t have to work around furniture, take down wall art, or maneuver around TV cables. Your best bet to minimize stress and just get the job done is to paint before you move into the house.

2. Give yourself a realistic timeframe to finish painting.

If you plan to paint only one room of your house, you may be able to have the job complete in a day or less. However, if you want to finish painting the interior of your new home from top to bottom, build in a doable timeframe for completing the project. Remember you will also be handling other details of moving at the same time, which can eat into your schedule quickly.

3. Consider your home improvement budget.

Painting before you move in is a great idea when it comes to keeping things simple. However, remember that you will always have some unexpected costs when moving into a new home. Don’t blow all your home improvement or houseware budget on paint. As soon as you do, you may discover that you need to install a new shower curtain rod, the water heater goes out, or your home’s locks need to be replaced.

4. Minimize stress by trusting a painting contractor.

Don’t try to simultaneously navigate packing up your old home and painting the interior of your new home while also trying to keep normal life moving as usual. If you don’t have time to paint, have never done it before, or don’t want to stress over it, then consider whether an interior painting contractor is worth the expense.

Home owners in the Chantilly, Fairfax, Ashburn, and Vienna areas of Virginia can call our professional painting crew at (703) 263-3302 to schedule painting or get a free quote. We work with you to get your home painted so you can move in and start enjoying it!


photo credit: Forest Gate Lodges via photopin (license)