Painting TipsHave you been staring at your walls, ready for a color change? Or maybe your existing wall color just needs some refreshing. Whether you plan to tackle painting on your own or hire a professional, MasterWorks Painters of Fairfax, VA suggests you consider these few painting tips from (check out “The Secrets of Pro Painters” for the full article).

1. Start with a clean slate.

Don’t try to work around your furniture; move as much as you can out of the space. Doing so gives you the space you need to maneuver while painting and minimizes potential damage to your belongings.

2. Fix first.

Before you pick up a paint brush, repair any nail holes or wall imperfections. A new coat of paint alone can’t heal old wall wounds. In fact, trying to paint over them may just make imperfections more apparent. Take some time to fill in cracks, dents, or holes. Be sure to give them ample time to set before painting (this wait will vary based on what you’re repairing and what you use).

3. Buy quality paint & supplies.

Pick a primer and paint that’s known for its ease in application, finish, and durability. Skimping on the paint or skipping priming altogether may mean more paint applications (and likely more gallons of paint purchased). Also pay attention to choosing the appropriate finish and painting supplies for your space. If you’re unsure, ask a painting professional.

4. Work from the top down.

If you plan to paint your ceiling, start there and work your way down. Doing so can make your life (or at least your painting project) a whole lot easier.

If you want to skip the DIY painting project and turn it over to a pro painter, contact MasterWorks Painters of Fairfax, VA. MasterWorks Painters prides itself on a job well done, and we want to make sure you’re happy with your home’s painting project. Give MasterWorks Painters a call today at (703) 263-3302 to get a quote or to schedule a painting project.

photo credit: UnitedSoybeanBoard via photopin cc