When you invest in energy-efficient or decorative windows for your Reston home, you want them to remain in the best condition possible. Regular cleaning and maintenance is the first step to keeping your windows clean and damage-free. The team at MasterWorks Painters recommends following these five tips for durable and efficient windows that improve energy efficiency and enhance your home’s curb appeal.  

Keep Your Windows in Top-Notch Condition with These 5 Tips

1. Regularly Clean Your Windows

Dirt and mud get stuck on the exterior of your windows and dirty fingerprints and nose prints from furry friends can usually be found on the inside of your windows. Together, this can make windows look dirty, grimy, and just plain bad. Regularly cleaning your windows keeps them properly maintained, and gives you a chance to inspect them for cracks, mold, or moisture.

2. Scrub Window Tracks

Another area that should be cleaned from time to time is the window tracks. The nature of window tracks makes them susceptible to build-up from dirt, debris, and moisture. Many hardware stores have brushes specifically made for window tracks. Use a degreasing or all-purpose cleaner and scrub those tracks until all traces of dirt and debris are gone. 

3. Replace Damaged Glass

When windows crack or become damaged, it’s important to replace them as soon as possible. Once there’s a crack in your window, the windowpane no longer functions correctly. Warm or cold air can escape in and out of your home, leading to wasted energy and increased utility costs.

4. Clean or Replace Broken Window Screens

Another area you should check regularly is the window screens. They are also vulnerable to outdoor elements and tend to rip or tear over time. Cleaning them often can delay deterioration, but if you spot a small hole or tear, you may be replacing that screen sooner rather than later.

5. Inspect & Clean Window Frames

Cleaning window frames is one of the most important parts of window maintenance. Wood frames are particularly susceptible to moisture and mold, something that needs to be addressed immediately to avoid wood rot settling into the frame. All types of frames, including vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass, should be inspected and cleaned regularly.

Window Replacement in Reston, VA

At MasterWorks Painters, we provide window replacement, roofing services, siding installation, and gutter installation as part of our home improvement services. When it’s time to update those old windows or replace those that are damaged, contact MasterWorks Painters at (703) 263-3302.

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