Even after a homeowner has chosen the perfect color for a room, there’s another very important decision to make. With several paint finishes to choose from, you should learn the benefits of each and determine the right one for your job. Should you use high gloss or satin finish interior paint and why?

Each paint manufacturer has its own guidelines for how much sheen goes into each paint finish. If you buy a satin finish from one manufacturer, it will look different than the satin finish of a competitor’s line of paints. Stick to the same brand to avoid subtle differences. Consult with a local painting contractor for help in picking out and applying the best paint choice for your interior painting project.

High-gloss finish paints are rarely used for interior painting purposes because they leave a very shiny finish. Semi-gloss paints have a mildly glossy appearance and are often the paint of choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Rooms that are prone to moisture and mildew should be painted with a semi-gloss finish. You can even have mildew resistant properties mixed into your paint. You can also use semi-gloss for trims, moldings, and doors.

A satin finish has a sheen which is flatter than semi-gloss. Paint with a satin finish is formulated to hold up to cleaning and light scrubbing. It makes a great paint choice for kids’ rooms, because you can easily wipe off the fingerprints, smudges, and dirt they might get on the wall.

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Satin finishes are also used for trim, moldings, and doors because it gives a nice decorative effect to them. Surfaces painted with an eggshell finish can also be wiped off, although not as easily as the higher-gloss and satin finish paints can. An eggshell finish has the smooth look of flat paint, but flat finishes collect dirt. A flat finish is the dullest finish of all the paint choices and does not reflect light. This makes flat paint ideal for ceilings.

It can be a bit mind boggling navigating through all the paint choices that are on the market, but ask an Oakton home improvement expert and they can help. Our interior painting contractors are experienced with many different color and style options. We know how to properly accent your furniture and other accessories with paint colors. Our interior house painting contractors will help you bring the color palette you are envisioning to life. Contact MasterWorks Painter for all of your painting, home remodeling and home improvement needs. Call us at (703) 263-3302 today!