Maintaining the exterior of your home depends on several different factors. Is your home covered with cedar or aluminum siding? Did a hurricane recently pass through and your house has some visible wear and tear? Did the last homeowners use low-quality paint and it shows? MasterWorks Painters recommends addressing these three questions when deciding whether or not it’s time to break out the paint cans, rollers, and ladder, and update your Reston area home.

How Often Should I Paint the Exterior of My Home?

Depends on the Materials

How often you paint your home depends on its exterior materials. Whether your house is covered with wood, aluminum, stucco, or brick, plays a huge role in how often it needs to be updated with new paint. Follow these guidelines to determine when your home could use a refresh:

  • Wood: 3 – 7 years if painted and 4 – 7 years if stained
  • Aluminum: 5 years
  • Stucco: 5 – 6 years
  • Brick: 15 – 20 years

Depends on the Environment

The environment you live in also plays a part in how often your home needs to be repainted. A hot, dry environment affects exterior paint differently than damp and humid conditions. Plus, when a hurricane or thunderstorm rolls through, it could wear down and damage paint faster than a more typical Virginia climate.

Depends on the Paint

Another factor in judging how often you paint your home is the type of paint you use. A high-quality exterior paint that provides maximum protection from moisture will extend the life of your home more than a lower-quality paint. Do some research or ask your local hardware experts what type of paint they recommend for your specific type of home.

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