It’s well known that renovated bathrooms, kitchens and floors sell homes. Let’s look at five affordable kitchen upgrades that you can tackle in order to get your home ready for the market and sell it more quickly.

1. Update the Cabinets

If the kitchen cabinets are looking dated but are still in good shape, you don’t need to go to the expense of replacing them. Depending on the material, you can have them refaced or professionally painted. Change out the hardware and voilà: instant kitchen renovation and your kitchen is in the right decade.

2. Add More Work Surfaces and Storage

If there is a lack of work surfaces in your kitchen, you can have an island built or simply buy a reasonably priced kitchen cart or island on casters to tuck up against the wall. If there is a lack of cupboard space, hang a pot rack above the island, and add shelves or a storage system on the wall. Do be careful not to cram a bunch of stuff into the kitchen and make it feel smaller or drawing attention to a lack of space, since that defeats the purpose of the remodel.

3. Upgrade the Fixtures and Finishes

Installing modern energy-efficient light fixtures and a pleasing backsplash can make your kitchen shine without breaking the bank. Give the sink a good scrub and switch out the kitchen faucet, and now it will really sparkle.

4. Refinish or Replace the Flooring

Hardwood floors and some types of tiles can be refinished but in some cases you may have to pull out the damaged floor and replace it with something modern and durable. Avoid the really cheap materials like peel and stick vinyl since any wise buyer can tell the difference between quality flooring material and the cheap stuff.

5. Invest In New Appliances

If there is room in the budget, swap out the dingy old appliances for high-efficiency models. These can often be purchased at clearance prices at big box stores and online. As simple as it is to head out and purchase appliances, many home buyers just want everything to be in place when they move in.

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