Exterior Paint ColorAre you noticing signs of cracked or chipped paint, exposing wood on the exterior of your home? Wood left unpainted or untreated will rot. It’s important to tackle these projects quickly to avoid expensive repairs in the future. Let the painting experts at MasterWorks Painting & Remodeling take on the big jobs so you can enjoy your home this fall. Small home improvement projects can quickly take on a life of their own. What looks like just a small project of touching up paint can quickly occupy an entire weekend or more. Save yourself time and headaches by hiring professional painters.

5 Steps to Properly Paint the Exterior of Your Home

1. Select colorPaint and Painting Supplies

Color is a trendy subject. Do your research, and pick a color that adds curb appeal to your home and satisfies your taste. We love painting and have seen what colors are trending in the Ashburn, Reston, and surrounding Virginia communities. During our consultation, we’ll offer a variety of suggestions that work with your home design and style.

2. Purchase paint and materials

It’s very important to pick the right paint and painting supplies. We’ll evaluate the painting surfaces and pick the best products for longevity on exterior painting jobs. We’ve got the gear, so it’ll save you time and money rather than purchasing your own supplies.

3. Prep the surface

Prepping painting surfaces is often the most dreaded part of a painting job. You may be tempted to skip it, but this is crucial for a successful painting project. Scrape off old paint, sand it, and prime painting surfaces. Then, clean and dry surfaces for a fresh start. We’ve got the professional tools to make this step as quick and easy as possible.

4. Paint

Apply 2 coats of exterior paint. Plant to paint on warmer days with low humidity. Painting in the shade helps to prevent paint from bubbling.

5. Clean

After the job is complete, it’s time to clean the area and enjoy your freshly painted home. We pledge customer satisfaction that the job is done right with a one-year guarantee. 

If you’re tired of the painting process, you can trust the painting professionals for exterior painting services. Let us take a load off of your shoulders with fast and easy completion of your next home improvement project. Start the to-do list today by calling MasterWorks at (703) 263-3302.

Photo credit: public domain via www.pexels.com

Photo credit: public domain via www.pexels.com