Are you bored with your home’s appearance? Are you ready to buy some trendy fall décor? Whether you want a new wreath or an entirely new color scheme, you’re not alone. Everyone eventually tires of seeing the same rugs, wall hangings, and throw pillows.

The problem is that home improvement projects can be pricey — especially when you want to redecorate every few months. This new series of money-saving tips will help you decorate your home for less.

Tip #1: Garage Sales are Gold Mines

For me, going to garage sales is nothing less than exhilarating. The old adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” has never been truer — especially when you’re buying that treasure at just a fraction of its original price.

Tips from a Garage Sale Pro

Before you make the rounds in Fairfax, Ashburn, Vienna, and other nearby VA areas, read the following advice:

Persevere: Going to garage sales requires a certain level of dedication and perseverance. Some sales will be duds. If that’s the case, simply move on and find a better one.

Bargain: Bargaining is completely acceptable — and often expected. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller (politely, of course) to lower the price or throw in something for free. Remember, people are eager to sell their things and are often willing to negotiate.

Establish a route: You should have a game plan before leaving your house. Newspapers and Craigslist are both good ways to find local garage sales. is also an incredible tool. This website will develop a driving route so you can hit all the sales in the same area at once.

Go early: Only the rookies arrive at 11 a.m. The best possessions are often snatched within the first hour of a sale. When you look at the listings, prioritize the most promising ones and try to hit those first.

Bring Cash: Our society is so accustomed to reaching for our credit cards that most people don’t carry cash anymore. Make sure to stop at an ATM before embarking.

Follow these tips to have a fun experience — and maybe even find some new accent pieces for your home.

More Ways to Renovate

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