Earlier in September, models hit the runway for New York’s fashion week. One trend that had designers raving were the retro-themed outfits. You may not know this, but that style has carried over into interior decorating as well. If you are planning on beginning a bathroom remodeling project, we would recommend you get your inspiration from the late 1800’s Victorian bathroom design. This décor has stood the test of time and is making a comeback. It is time for you to upgrade your bathroom with a classic remodel.

Victorian-Style Décor

Cleanliness was the focus of design philosophy during the Victorian era. With that in mind, bathrooms built during this time were often created with an all-white color scheme, which is still a popular look today. If you think that all white is too much of a good thing or just too plain, add an accent color into the mix. Be sure to keep it classy; try a soft, pale blue, which will add just enough color-pop without overwhelming the elegant whites. Flooring should be a black and white checkered pattern.

Victorian-Style Fixtures

After you decide on the décor, you will want to consider which fixtures to install. Avoid hard corners like square-shaped sinks and tubs. You are looking for a soft and graceful feel; this can be achieved by installing round and oval shapes. If you want to go completely retro, try to find a claw-foot tub and pedestal sink. Something you may not realize is that indoor plumbing was new during this time period, and exposed pipes were often found throughout the home, so don’t be afraid to leave some showing.

Victorian-Style Accessories

The accessories are the last decision you will have to make for your new Victorian-style bathroom remodel. When choosing these, think luxury:, mirrored vanity trays, ornate round mirrors mounted on the wall and standing mirrors for the vanity. Antique flower vases and glass perfume bottles also give a wealthy, southern feel to the bathroom.

Victorian bathrooms are something that will be admired in your home for years to come. Keep in mind bathroom finishing is a tough task to take on alone, so you may want to hire a general contractor like those at MasterWorks Painting & Remodeling. MasterWorks Painting & Remodeling is your primary bathroom remodeling company in Fairfax, Reston, Oakton, Vienna, Ashburn, and the surrounding Virginia areas. Whether you are looking for red-hot remodeling or a more classic look, we will work with you to create the bathroom you desire. Contact us at 703-263-3302 for an estimate on your bath remodeling project today.