Summer is a great time for completing outdoor projects. The areas of your business that are neglected during the cold winters are brought to light in the summer sunshine. The professionals at MasterWorks Painting & Remodeling are here to assist with your painting, remodeling, exterior and storm restoration projects.

Increase Workplace Productivity with Mood Changing Color from Commercial PaintingAs a business owner, the last thing you have time to do is spruce up your office’s interior and exterior paint. With our fast and reliable commercial painting services, we can give your business the facelift it needs to drive growth through visual appeal. Bold colors and designs are trending. Pick a bold exterior color to add intrigue and differentiation from your competitors.

Color Trends

Set the Mood

It’s well known that color sets a mood with psychological influences. The color of products can attract more sales and influence buying patterns. Different colors elicit different emotions and feelings with symbolic, cultural, age, and gender significance.

Color Symbolism

  • Green is a sacred color throughout Islam and is seen as lucky in Irish culture.
  • Purple is associated with royalty, as it was an expensive dye only afforded by the wealthy.
  • Red is the color of blood and is associated with war and aggression.
  • Blue is seen as a tranquil, calming color.
    • The Sherwin Williams color of the year is a spin on tranquility featuring a jewel-toned green, blue color called Oceanside. This is a great option for a lively statement color at home or in the office.

Paint the Town

Depending on your business and desired outcome, color can be an influencer. Do your research, and carefully select a color that matches your style. Our commercial painting contractors are professionals at paint color selection and application for long-lasting results that are within your budget.

Launch Creativity

Not only can color influence your customers, but it also impacts the creative juices of your staff. Picking the right color can reduce absenteeism and raise motivation in the workplace. With the right color and lighting, your productivity through environmental stimuli can raise the bar on business outcomes. Revive your business with a colorful jolt this summer.

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