Whether you’re a professional painter or only pick up a brush once every few years to update your home, it’s easy to make mistakes when painting your home. This is how many experts have learned different hacks and tips to avoid some all-too-common painting blunders. Chantilly residents have been trusting MasterWorks Painters for years to improve the appearance of their home’s interiors. Before you go to the store and pick up a can or two of paint, get familiar with these three common interior painting mistakes.

Avoid These 3 Interior Painting Mistakes

1. Buy Paint before Testing It

There was a time when you had no choice but to pick a paint color and hope it blended well with your home. Now, home improvement stores provide affordable paint samples. If there are several colors you like, ask for samples of those as well. When you get home, brush a wide paint strip on your wall. Viewing the colors in your home environment, against the furniture and under the lights, is much different than viewing the color chip in the store. 

2. Leave the Lid off the Paint Can

While leaving the lid off the can is convenient when painting, it can lead to a messy home improvement project. If you’re leaving the room to get a snack or take a short break, placing the lid on is best to avoid any sticky or slimy accidents. Placing the lid on the paint also keeps it clean from dust and debris in the air and prevents dried-out paint from forming in the can or on the lid.

3. Leave the Room Open to Traffic

If your home tends to be busy, leaving the room open to traffic is not the best idea. Whether you have adults, children, or family pets in your home, shutting the door or blocking off access to the area you’re painting can prevent several incidents, such as paint cans getting knocked over or someone brushing up against a wet wall and leaving a mark.

Painting Services for Your Chantilly, VA Home

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