When you hear bathroom remodel, is your first thought replacing the sink or refinishing the tub? If so, you are overlooking one of the most important adjustments one can make to a bathroom, it also happens to be one of the least expensive, the lighting.

Not only does a dimly-lit bathroom hinder your grooming abilities, it also gives off a small, dreary and out-of-date feeling. Having the correct light fixtures in your bathroom is a very literal way to, “brighten the room up a bit”. There are five things you need to consider when choosing light fixtures for not only the bathroom, but any room in the house.

  1. Size: If you are adding light to a larger room you will obviously need more fixtures than you would in a smaller room. If you have decided to install a light where one was not intended be sure to consult with your bathroom remodeling specialist.
  2. Cost: Make a budget and stick to it. Just because changing light fixtures is one of the least expensive ways to renovate a room doesn’t mean people don’t go overboard and spend more than necessary.
  3. Décor: Be sure to choose light fixtures that match your room’s current style. If you choose a lighting fixture that is different from the rest of the room with the intent of remodeling the rest of the room the project will either never get done or end up costing way more than you planned.
  4. Natural Light: Does the room you are working with have windows? The more windows you have the fewer fixtures you need. You can also look into window replacement if you believe your current ones are doing more harm than good.
  5. Nighttime Lighting: If you have small children, an elderly person or a chronically ill person in your home, you may want to install a fixture that has a dimmer switch to provide a low-light setting for the evening hours. You will also want to consider nightlights, or even hallway and stairs floor lighting.

Lighting is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to bathroom remodel and many people don’t think of it. These rules however can be applied to any room in your home. MasterWorks Painters and Remodeling will work with you to decide what steps you need to take for any home improvement project. Call us at 703-263-3302 for bathroom remodeling, home improvement, painting services and window replacement services in Fairfax, Vienna, Reston, Ashburn, and surrounding Virginia areas today.