Are you in the market for a Virginia painter, but want to make sure you hire the right one? You want to feel comfortable with who is in your home and make sure you get your money’s worth. MasterWorks Painters gives Fairfax homeowners six things to look for when hiring a painting contractor.

You can feel good about hiring a painter if:

  1. The painting company has the proper credentials. Consumer Reports suggests looking into the company’s memberships, affiliations, and licensing, noting that “membership in a trade or local business group, for example, isn’t a guarantee of quality work, but it shows a level of commitment and reliability on his part.”
  2. The painter has good references. Check out the testimonial page or photo gallery on the company’s website, or use other service review websites like Angie’s List. You can even ask trusted friends or family members for local references.
  3. The painter is up front about all costs involved. For example, will the painter charge extra if heavy furniture needs to be moved? Does the painter charge different prices depending on the painting project (walls, trim, doors, etc.)? Are you charged hourly or on a per-project basis? A good painter has the answers to these questions.
  4. The work is guaranteed. You want a quality paint job. A painter who offers guarantees (especially in writing) shows that the company is committed to a job well done.
  5. Your questions have been answered promptly and thoroughly. Good customer service speaks highly of a painter, because it shows that the contractor knows the value of your time.
  6. The painter provides you with a written contract. A pro painting contractor takes his or her business seriously. A contract should include all costs involved (paint, manpower, supplies, additional costs, etc.), project dates, as well as guarantees from the painter.

Here’s one additional note on the painting contract from paint expert Benjamin Moore: “Be sure to verify the following:

  • What exactly is being painted (house, trim, walls, molding, etc.)
  • Details on preparation and cleanup
  • Paint colors for each area to be painted
  • How the contractor will protect plants, patios, furniture, or other items
  • How much time the project will take, from start to finish
  • When and how the contractor will be paid”.

If a painting contractor passes these tests, you can feel confident about proceeding. MasterWorks Painters recommends you interview and gather estimates from a few different painters so you can feel comfortable moving forward.

For additional painting questions or to hire a painter, call MasterWorks Painters at (703) 263-3302.