At MasterWorks Painters, we often get asked what the most popular colors are for homes. There are always classics, but color preferences do tend to change from year to year.

For instance, last year, “sophistication” seemed to be all the rage. This year, the theme seems to be “relax”. Sounds good to us!

Here are the most popular color choices that are trending in 2017.


Earthy Greens

Green always gives the impression of bringing nature inside and has been proven to be a relaxing and calming color. 2017’s green is a bright, healthy shade, calling to mind avocado and coastal plants. It’s a fresh, creativity-inspiring color.

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Pale Violets

Calming, subtle, and so pretty, a soft and pale shade of violet is bringing homes of 2017 into an area that’s feminine and says home. A refreshing color that helps create the feeling of open space, this shade is currently very popular for rooms belonging to every age, from nurseries to family houses to college dorms to retirement homes.  

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Dusky Blues

Blue can go either way. A bright blue can make you feel cheerful and carefree, or a heavier shade can create feelings of sadness. The blue of 2017 is set to be this dusky blue—not quite bright and not quite heavy. It’s somewhere in between, and it’s sophisticated and chic. This color works particularly well in high-ceilinged rooms.

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Sunny Yellows

Bright yellow is back in vogue, and why not? It may be unusual, but you can’t deny that it’s a mood-brightener. Some people are so taken by yellow’s pick-me-up powers that they have chosen to paint their floors yellow this year.

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Mineral Grays

Another one that could go into “sadness land” but doesn’t have to. With the right paint selection and bright accents, this dramatic gray couldn’t be more stylish and atmospheric. It gives off a feeling of the past, but it also makes a bold modern statement. A very memorable and dreamlike color.

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No matter what color you decide to go with, it’s important to find the right professional to help do a perfect job, with no mistakes. The most perfect paint color in the world won’t be worth it if it looks messy.

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