When the exterior of your commercial building needs a facelift, look to the expert painting contractors at MasterWorks Painters. We manage a wide variety of commercial building projects from grocery stores and school buildings to restaurants and medical centers. Not many business owners realize what actually goes into painting a professional building. Without proper preparation, the end result will be a short-term paint job with poor results. Let us show you what goes into our preparation process each time we paint the exterior of a commercial building.

4 Steps to Prepping Your Building for Commercial Painting

1. Plan Ahead Properly

Part of planning ahead involves creating a painting schedule based on the weather. Rain, high wind, humidity, and temperature can all affect the drying process. We review the upcoming weather report and schedule the job for days and times when the weather is fair. We also scope out the property, looking for the best places to set up ladders and scaffolding. This will help our painters work effectively, but also keep our tools out of your staff and customers’ ways. 

2. Inspect for Repairs

We highly recommend you have the exterior of your building inspected for any possible repairs by a professional contractor before we proceed with any painting. They need to be on the lookout for loose shingles, exposed wood, damaged siding, leaky windows, and loose gutters

3. Clean the Exterior 

Now that we have a plan and all repairs have been made, our contractors will begin cleaning the exterior of the building. Typically we use a pressure washer, but if pressure washing is not appropriate for the exterior material, we’ll wash it by hand with a mild bleach or detergent. The goal is to remove dirt, loose paint, and mildew before we begin painting.

4. Prime the Surface

With all the repairs made, dirt removed, and loose paint scraped off, we need to prime the surface of the building. Primer enables the paint color to adhere to the surface better and also helps it last longer. 

Commercial Painting Experts

Once we’ve completed all the steps above, the team at MasterWorks Painters is ready to begin painting your commercial building. Contact us at (703) 263-3302 for a free estimate of your commercial painting project. We look forward to assisting your Fairfax business with all of your painting needs.

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