Are you planning to paint the interior of your home? Maybe you’re thinking of changing the look of your living room, master bath, or guest bedroom. At MasterWorks Painters, we do our best to provide advice that will give you amazing results. Regardless of which room you want to update, following these tips will give your space a fresh, new style to enjoy for years to come.

4 Helpful Tips for Your Next Interior Painting Project

1. Clean Dirty Surfaces

Painting over dirty surfaces won’t allow the paint to adhere well to the wall. Before you paint, clean any greasy, oily, or visibly dirty areas with a heavy-duty cleaner. Be sure to also check the trim for dirty spots.

2. Prime, Fill and Texturize the Wall

In order to avoid unseemly defects on the wall’s surface, it’s best to prime, fill, and texturize any flaws in the wall. Filling the holes and cracks with filler will keep the wall smooth, with no visible dips or indentations. Primer will help to prevent a blotchy finish. Texturizing will keep the paint looking consistent with the rest of the surface.

3. Paint Trim, Ceiling, Then Walls

The professionals at MasterWorks follow this order when painting our customer’s homes: trim, ceiling, then walls. Once the trim is painted and dry, you can tape it off in order to paint the ceiling and the walls. This makes the painting process quicker, and also keeps it tidy.

4. Cut Tape After the Paint Dries

If you pull the tape off the trim, you’ll end up pulling up part of the dried paint. The best technique is to cut the tape first, and then remove it slowly. Wait for the paint to dry for at least 24 hours before removing the tape.

Interior Home Painting Experts

We wish you all the best in your next indoor painting endeavor. If you’d like to hand off this project to professional painters, look no further than the pros at MasterWorks. Contact us at (703) 263-3302 to schedule a consultation. We also offer several home improvement services such as exterior painting, commercial painting, bathroom remodeling, and siding installation in the Ashburn area and beyond.

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