When destructive weather hits the Ashburn area, it can result in unfortunate damage to your home or property. Heavy winds, freezing hail, and snowstorms can break roof shingles, dent gutters, scratch siding, and more. At MasterWorks Painters, we have years of experience conducting home improvements specifically for the exterior of homes. Look to us when your home needs to be restored due to harmful weather.

3 Types of Weather Damage We Repair

1. Wind Damage

With heavy winds come astronomical amounts of damage. Gutters and siding can be blown off your home. Tree branches can rip holes in the roof. Trees can fall on your home, breaking windows, knocking down siding, or damaging the exterior paint of your home. At MasterWorks, we can assess the damage and get it fixed for you in no time.

2. Hail Damage

Hail damage can cause significant destruction to both the roof and exterior of your home. It can break down the seal of your roof shingles, causing major roof issues such as roof leaks. Whether you need to have the roof repaired or completely replaced, our team of professional roofers will get your home back to its like-new condition.

3. Ice & Snow Damage

Heavy snow and ice can lead to a damaged roof and ice dams along the gutters. If not taken care of properly, these can cause your Ashburn home serious problems. If you have a flat roof, it can collapse under a heavy load of snow. Water can leak into your home when ice dams form on the roof or in the gutters. Your family is also in danger of injury when heavy amounts of snow or melting ice suddenly fall off the roof.

Home Improvements & More

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Image: Wikimedia Commons