Does your home’s exterior need a significant update? Maybe there’s paint chipping off in various places, or perhaps the weather has given your home’s siding quite a beating. Applying a new coat of exterior paint not only makes your home look fabulous, but it also makes you feel much more positive about its new, updated look. At MasterWorks Painters, we recommend asking yourself these three questions before making the final decision of what type of exterior paint to use on your home. 

3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Exterior Paint for Your Home

1. What Surface Are You Painting?

Did you know there are specific types of paints for specific exterior surfaces? Although you can use general exterior paint, its best to use the right type of paint on particular exterior surfaces. Familiarize yourself with these types of paints and ensure the time you spend updating your home is not invested in vain.

  • Gutter paint
  • Floor/porch paint
  • Front door paint
  • House/siding paint
  • Masonry paint
  • Pool and marine paint
  • Roof paint

2. Should You Choose Oil-Based or Latex?

There are two general types of paint for exterior surfaces — oil-based and latex. Each one has its individual advantages and disadvantages. There are several factors that determine which paint is best for your particular home. These include:

  • Drying time
  • Weather-resistance
  • Level of adhesion
  • Stain-resistance

3. What Finish Do You Want?

There are four basic finishes for any type of paint flat or matte, semi-gloss, glossy, and satin. While each finish has its different attributes, there are specific finishes that work best on particular surfaces. Consider these factors when choosing a finish for your exterior painting project: 

  • Flat/Matte best for siding
  • Semi-gloss great for trim and window casings
  • Glossy best for trim and doors

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